RCE Saskatchewan Education for 
Sustainable Development Recognition Event

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13th Annual Event Hosted by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, May 12 2021

The host for the 2021 virtual Recognition Event was the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.  Founded in 1970, SES works towards environmental sustainability through public education, policy development, and community events.  For a video of the whole event, as well as videos of all of the Education for Sustainable Development Recognition Award recipient presentations, please go to the RCE SK YouTube Channel

2021 Recognition Award Recipients

Building Operator Training, Saskatchewan Environmental Society

Designing a Small-Scale Styrofoam Composting System, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina

Design of a Wastewater Treatment Facility for Pasqua First Nation, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina

Get Outside! Kids Club, Nature Regina, Nature Saskatchewan, SaskOutdoors

Marginal Areas Program, Ducks Unlimited Canada

Non-Partisan Climate Action Awareness Campaign for Fall 2020 Saskatchewan ElectionsEnviroCollective, Council of Canadians (Regina)

People Around the World Conference 2020, International Office, University of Saskatchewan

Potash Solution Mining Wastewater ReclamationFaculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina

Power of One – Climate Change and Taking Action. One lesson, 3 ways. Saskatchewan Environmental Society

Raising Awareness of the Environmental Effects from Farmland Drainage, Citizens Environmental Alliance

Student-led RCE Saskatchewan Website Redesign ProjectDr. Tim Maciag, Software System Engineering Program, University of Regina

Study of Heat Transfer in Windows Using a Radiant Heating System,  Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina

Utilizing Engineered Wetlands in the Quill Plains Basin, Eric Atkins and Matthew Schroeder

Wild Outside Regina and Wild Outside Saskatoon, Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Lyle Benko Future Generations Award for achievement within the K-12 system is awarded to Achieving Curriculum Outcomes in an Outdoor Environment -- K - 12 Resources, Meewasin Valley Authority, Saskatoon Public Schools and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

The Dr. Garth Pickard Award for Post-Secondary Excellence in Education for Sustainable Development is awarded to Two-Eyed Seeing,
A. Carlson and S. Kuppenbender, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan

12th Annual Event Hosted by First Nations University of Canada, May 13, 2020

Originally planned to be held at the First Nations University of Canada Regina Campus, the 2020 RCE Saskatchewan's Education for Sustainable Development Recognition Event was instead held as a virtual event in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Videos of the Event can be found at RCE SK's Youtube Channel

Recognition Award Recipients:

The Lyle Benko Future Generations Award for education for sustainability achievement within the K-12 system or that supports the K - 12 system was awarded to Cree Dictionary of Mathematical Terms for Elementary Classes, First Nations University of Canada.  The project supports Sustainable Development Goals #4 "Quality Education" and #10 "Reduced Inequalities."  The use of Cree equivalences of mathematical terms in mathematic classes helps Cree-speaking students to ease the understanding of mathematical concepts and can support the indigenization of the Mathematics curriculum.  Congratulations to Arzu Sardarli and his team for this innovative project.

The award was created and named in memory of RCE Saskatchewan’s co-coordinator and founding member, Lyle Benko.  Lyle was a founding co-coordinator of the RCE and was an inspiration to so many in the area of education.  He was extremely passionate about leaving next generations a more sustainable future.

11th Annual Event at Hannin Creek Education and Applied Research Centre, May 8, 2019

With the theme Sustainable Partnerships: Nurturing the Next Generation of Land Stewards, the event took place on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at the Hannin Creek Education and Applied Research Centre on the shores of Candle Lake. Saskatchewan's only boreal field station, the Centre is a partnership of Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.  The event recognized the achievements of individuals, organizations and groups that are making our province more sustainable. Click here for the event's program.

The event also featured a keynote presentation by Dr. Charles Hopkins, UNESCO Chair at York University on Re-orienting Education for Sustainable Development. He encouraged local sustainability leaders to see the importance of their efforts.

Click here for the videos of the ceremony and keynote presentation.  

Recognition Award Recipients:

The 2019 Lyle Benko Future Generations Award was granted to Regina Huda School for its 5A Recycling program. This special award is delivered to a project led by a K-12 teacher/educator/student for their outstanding contributions to Education for Sustainable Development in Saskatchewan. 

The students of Michelle Sandomirsky's class were not able to attend the event at Hannin Creek, but joined the event via video link.  Kevin Hudson of APEGS, one of the event's sponsors, travelled to Regina to join the class to share the awards with them.

10th Annual Event hosted by McDonald School in Stockholm, May 2, 2018

Click here to view a copy of the 2018 Print Program.

Click here to view a pdf copy of the Award Recipient Slides.

Recognition Award Recipients:

The Lyle Benko Future Generations Award was given to the Macdonald School Outdoor Experiential Education Program and the Indian Head High School Tipi Camp 2018 who both received recognition for outstanding contributions in the K-12 education system.  
9th Annual Event hosted by Redberry Biosphere Reserve at Hafford, May 3, 2017

Click here to view a copy of the 2017 Print Program.

Click here to view a copy of the Awards Recipient Slides.

Recognition Award Recipients:

A facilitated group discussion was held for all attendees as a conclusion to the day. The summary of ideas and knowledge shared is available here.

8th Annual Event at Treaty Four Governance Centre, Fort Qu'Appelle, May 4, 2016

Recognition Award Recipients:

7th Annual Event at the University of Saskatchewan, May 6, 2015

Experience the 2015 event by viewing the PowerPoint presentation summarizing recipient projects and the print program.

Recognition Award Recipients:

  • SaskPower’s Energy Efficient In-store Lighting Education
  • Bike to Work Day Saskatoon
  • Bridge City Bicycle Co-op (BCBC)
  • Campion College Engaged Learning Program
  • Canadian High-Resolution Climate Change Projections for Impact Assessment
  • Cleaning with Liquid Ozone Pilot Project

  • Davidson Awesome Volunteers Club
  • Ecomuseums: a community-RSM-university collaboration (application attached)
  • Environmental Science 20 Curriculum Model
  • Heritage Forest
  • Passive House Project
  • Permaculture Fruit Tree Guild Demonstration
  • Permaculture Saskatchewan Permablitz
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Society Boreal Water Monitoring Education Program
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Society Teacher Resources in Environmental Education
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic-University of Saskatchewan Educational Resources Donations
  • Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative
  • Saskatoon Cycles Bike Valet
  • Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch
  • Sustainability Education Research Institute’s Digital Media Mobile Laboratory
  • Team Torch River Forest
  • Undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency in Sustainability
  • University of Saskatchewan Sustainability Living Lab
  • University of Saskatchewan Work Green
  • Voluntary Sector Studies Network

6th Annual Event at Government House, Regina

To view a video of the 2014 event held at Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan, click here.

Recognition Award Recipients:

  • Annual Solar Tour
  • Cancer Prevention Initiatives
  • Carbon Capture and the Environment
  • Civic Discourse at Prairie Sky School - A Pilot with Community Cafe
  • Design Regina: Developing Regina's Official Community Plan
  • Grade 5 Energy Leaders
  • Green Drinks Regina
  • Lumsden High School Grounds Renaturalization Project
  • Nature City Festival
  • Of Land & Living Skies: A Community Journal on Place, Land & Learning
  • Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
  • Prairie Passages Tours
  • Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing
  • RE-Art: Recycled Art Exhibit & Competition
  • Regina Catholic Schools Oil Recycling Project
  • Regina Community Food Assessment
  • Ruby Garden/Outdoor Classroom
  • SaskPower's Energy Conservation & Efficiency Education Program
  • SIAST Architectural Technology Building Efficiency with Check-It Systems
  • Smarter Science Better Buildings
  • Student Action for a Sustainable Future
  • Sustainability Action & Awareness Month
  • Sustainability Education Research Institute
  • Virtual Youth Conference of the UNU RCEs: A Regional Perspective on Water & Sustainability
  • Wascana Junior Naturalist Program

5th Annual Event at Evergreen Convention Centre, Nipawin, May 8, 2013

Recognition Award Recipients:

  • Campion College Relamp Project
  • FNUC -Northern Campus Footprints 
  • Fort a la Corne Employment Development
  • Craik Sustainable Living Project -"Fun Just Begun"
  • Historical Sculptures along the Louis Riel Trail
  • Public Pastures Public Interest Group
  • Rainbow Organic UPIK
  • Regina Catholic Schools Oil Recycling Project
  • SaskAdapt
  • Sharing Productive Capital SoftwareDevelopment
  • Saskatchewan Ecomuseums Initiative
  • Davidson School Social Justice Arts Class
  • Steve RudyFruit Production
  • U of R Alternative Transportation Initiative
  • World Environment Day
  • Riverstone Studios-Straw/Light Clay Workshop
  • Aylsham Fruit and Vegetable Co.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Sipanik Territory
  • Twin Lakes Community Planning Association
  • Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership

4rd Annual Event at Wascana Centre, Regina, June 7, 2012

Recognition Award Recipients:
  • Brightwater Science and Environment Centre
  • Allen Sapp Healing Garden
  • Design Regina - City of Regina
  • Fruit for Thought
  • Go! Science Outreach - Saskatchewan Science Centre
  • Green Sustainable Housing Forum-SIAST/Environment Advisory Committee for the City of Moose Jaw
  • YARA -Grow Regina Community Garden
  • President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability - University of Regina
  • Peacock Learning Garden10.Print Optimization Project-University of Regina
  • Regina's Edible Campus-Institut français and the Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG)
  • Reintroduction of the black-footed ferret into the Canadian wilderness - Prairie Learning Centre
  • Eco Body Care - Riverstone Studios
  • School of Environment and Sustainability - University of Saskatchewan
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Launch at SIAST
  • Professional Development Programs - Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association (SOEEA)
  • Oil Recycling Day - St. Catherine School
  • Sustainability Commitment Working Group and the Office of Sustainability - University of Saskatchewan
  • Sustainability Learning Community - University of Saskatchewan
  • Sustainable Management of Buried Infrastructure in Regina - University of Regina
  • The Science of Sustainability - College of Agriculture and Biosciences - University of Saskatchewan
  • Trails in Memory of Ed Spratt  - Three Rivers Trail Association

3rd Annual Event at SIAST Palliser Campus, Moose Jaw, June 16, 2011

Recognition Award Recipients
  • VerEco Home Western Development Museum Exhibit
  • Safe Drinking Water Foundation - Operation Water Biology
  • Saskatoon's Green Energy Park ESD Project
  • Hunger in Moose Jaw - Yara Community Garden Special Projects
  • SIAST ESET E-Bike and Solar Alternative 
  • Global Students Helping Students 2009/2010/2011
  • EECOM 2011 Conference
  • Town Planning Day 2010
  • SIAST Architectural Technologies Program - Regina 2050
  • St. Catherine Community School - Oil Recycling Day
  • Craik Community Composting and Waste Minimization Project
  • Craik Sustainable Living Project Health Committee Walking Program
  • Designated Sacred Space Project
  • Praxis International Institute Summer Environmental Camp
  • Saskatoon Public School Division - Ecoquest
  • Lumsden High School Community Compost
  • Alternative Energy Forum and Fair

2nd Recognition Event at Jubille Hall Multipurpose Complex, Humboldt, December 3, 2009

Recognition Award Recipients:

  • Craik 4H Sustainability Club
  • FNUC Health and Science Camp
  • Food Secure Saskatchewan Growing a Food Secure Future in Saskatchewan
  • Meewasin Riverfront at River Landing
  • Friends of Wascana Marsh - Wings over Wascana School Day 2009
  • Craik Sustainable Living Project Resource and Library Collection
  • APEGS Building Your Future K-12 Poster Series Project
  • Evan Harday Collegiate - Bioresource Management 20
  • Craik Sustainable Living Project Solar Fair
  • SIAST 100 Mile House 
  • School of Wellness Community Health Challenge
  • Aden Bowman Collegiate - Earthkeepers
  • Saskatchewan Organic Directorate Video Series
  • FNUC Influence of Cultural Water Quality on Waterborne Disease
  • Student Teachers Anti-Racism Society, Building Sustainable Communities and Sustaining and Bridging Cultures
  • Native Plant Society - Native Prairie Appreciation Initiative
  • SaskPower - From Our Treehouse to You

Inaugural RCE ESD Recognition Event at the Eco-Centre, Craik, November 20, 2008

Recognition Award Recipients:

  • Beyond-human-nature-spirit boundaries
  • Earth Day Film Festival
  • Faculty of Education Moving from Awareness to Action
  • Green Life Learning to Live with the World
  • KAIROS Re-energize Time for a Carbon Sabbath
  • Native Prairie Area at FNUC
  • Nature Regina Birding for Beginners
  • Re-Energineering Education for Sustainability
  • SIAST Green Group Initiative
  • SaskEnergy Share the Warmth Home Energy Efficiency Project
  • SaskPower Shand Greenhouse Energy and Our Environment Program
  • Sask ESD Network Application
  • Saskatchewan Organic Directorate Food Miles Campaign
  • Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association
  • University of Saskatchewan Social and Ecological Justice Together
  • Wings over Wascana Nature Festival
  • Yara Community Gardens Green Pavilions Project
  • Youth Forum